URBANISM: an Urban Design Journal

An english language journal, about dissertation, research, concept, opinion, study, review, innovation, and design project, in the field of urban planning, urban design, and architecture. This journal is managed and published by Asia-Pacific Urban Designers (APUD).

Salam, #UrbanDesigners. We are pleased to inform you that now we have #Urbanism, our #urbandesign #journal. Here you can #publish your #works, free of charge:
1. Dissertation and Research
2. Article
3. Book Review. Publishing year of the book is 2020 the earliest. 
4. Design project 
Your works can be new or once published before.

Send your works, your complete name, & mobile contact, to info@aspacud.org, at 10 April 2022 the latest. Our #Editorial #Board will check them and select the best for each volume.

Here are the #forms we receive.
☆ For Dissertation, Research, and Article:
     • File; Words
     • Paper size; 21x21cm, divided into 2 columns for texts. 
     • Margin; all 2.5cm
     • 1 Picture or Table can take space up to 1 page
     • Maximum page amount; 6 pages containing text, tables, and pictures.
     • Font, size, space;
        - Title and Paragraph: Trebuchet M.S., 10 size, 1.5 space. Title can be bold or all capital.
        - Table: free

☆ For Book Review: same with Dissertation, Research, and Article, except for:
     • maximum page: 1
     • including small pictures of front and back covers of the book

☆ For Design Project: in Google Sheets.

Get most benefits as our member through www.aspacud.org/registration, or sending the required documents (listed on the link) to info@aspacud.org. #Follow us on Facebook Page , instagram, and Youtube on behalf of the same name: Asia-Pacific Urban Designers (APUD). For further details, & to be invited in our #WhatsApp Group, please contact mr. Ardiyanto: +6285233303445

This is your quality journal. Have a productive day! 

Asia-Pacific Urban Designers
For #sustainable #urbanlife 
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