World Urban Forum (WUF) 10

Hello World. We have been so happy that we completed WUF-10 Abu Dhabi from 8 to 13 February 2020. Our booth were quite crowded and became a discussing place for participants and delegations from many countries/companies/universities. We met potential clients, decision makers, did networking, and got new members. In the end, we closed our booth by signing MoU with Akitek Jururancang Malaysia Planning and Urban Design Group (APUDG). Outside WUF-10 venue, we experienced city of Abu Dhabi. The main planners of this city are Dr. Abdulrahman Makhlouf, and UAE’s founding father, Sheikh Zayed. The first planning happened in the Sea Palace in 1974 where they drew up the design for the city grid we still know today, and named the main streets. This city has bus, taxi, and online taxi, as public transportation. The city also very modern. Several prominent buildings that represent modernity of Abu Dhabi are ADNEC (the venue itself), Andaz hotel (having a guinness record), Aldar Headquarters, Ferrari World, and Louvre. Another building that mixes modernity and culture is Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. While for modernity in the scale of district, we can see it almost everywhere, including in Corniche area. Almost every building and district mixes uses/functions. the Grand Mosque itself mixes place of worship (which is sacred) with (underground) market/shopping mall (which is mundane). Abu Dhabi government has optimized all their city have to attract visitors. Destinations such as their islands, deserts, Ferrari World, Yas Marina Circuit, and Louvre, are the newest ones. While the Grand Mosque, World Trade Centre, and Emirates Palace attract visitors earlier. If we walk through their streets, their buildings, in their districts, we can still see traces of traditional cultures. They are such as clothing, calligraphy, tapestry, and traditional items that are sold in the market. To ensure safety of their residents and visitors, the city is also enforced with good security and law enforcement, just like other emirates in UAE. In fact, the UAE is ranked the safest place in the world as 96.1% of people feel safe to walk outside at night. That is all that we could share to you, although many more we could learn from Abu Dhabi and WUF-10. Looking at the picture in this album one by one may help you imagine and feel being with us in WUF-10 and the city. Want to join us in other exciting activities? Just join us, by registering through See You in APUD next activities, cheers! Asia-Pacific Urban Designers (APUD) For a sustainable urban life